We are trying our best to make a positive impact on this industry, one step at a time. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to reducing our carbon footprint, find out what we’re up to behind-the-scenes.

What are they made from?

The majority of our products are fully biodegradable and compostable when the garments reach the end of their (hopefully very long) lives.

Cotton: Most of our Knitwear, Kidswear, and Summer pieces are 100% Cotton. It is a no-waste plant, and cotton farming continues to be made more efficient and sustainable.

Viscose: This is a man-made fibre crafted from wood pulp, a recyled plant residue. We use viscose for linings, stretch garments, and satin pieces with its natural lustre.

Silk: This is our fabric of choice for special occasion dresses. Silk uses less water, chemicals, and energy than many other fibres, and all our silk is sustainably sourced.

We are also experimenting with sustainable sequins so we can bring back the shimmering styles you love in an even better, environmentally conscious way!

Where does the colour come from?

We ensure that our fabrics are dyed and printed using eco-friendly methods, so you can wear your Olivia Rubin pieces with pride.


We use low-impact, 100% AZO free dyes, made with more sustainable chemical processes, as azo compounds can release harmful substances which are potentially carcinogenic. For leftover water, an innovative filter system then removes any dye residue so it can be reused to wash the fabric.


We use Digital printing for almost all of our products, which has proven to be more environmentally friendly than other techniques. It uses significantly less water and energy with no hazardous wastewater produced.

Our print suppliers use inks with OEKO-TEX® certification, so there are no hazardous chemicals, carcinogens, or azo dyes, in accordance with the European REACH standards.

How are they made?

We produce small, limited batches of our seasonal collections to minimise waste and ensure that every piece will be worn and loved.

Pre-order Scheme

Deadstock fabric and unsold inventory are weighing down the fashion industry, which is responsible for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. Our pre-order scheme minimises excess stock as we make according to demand, with styles available to order in inclusive sizing from UK 4 - 24 and XS - XXL. This ensures that every piece we make will have a home, and we never have to resort to destroying or disposing of our products.

Small, Slow Collections

With our move to small, slower collections, we have plenty of time to research, design, and produce each style. We meticulously develop them to ensure they are made to the best quality and fit possible. Instead of following trends, we design pieces that will last, and have that something special so that they are treasured and worn over and over again, for years to come.

Who are they made by?

We take responsibility for having sustainable and ethical practices at every stage of our supply chain, and understand that transparency is key for our customers to trust and believe in our products.

Our Factories

We work with incredible partners who share our values, and have been building strong relationships with them over the years. We require them to have fair and safe labour conditions and fundamental labour rights, ensuring that workers have healthy working conditions.

They are also listed on the Open Supply Hub, which makes supply chain data accessible to the public to drive progress for human rights and the environment.

As the factories are based in China, we discuss developments via email and send photos to confirm changes where possible to keep shipments to aminimum. Our suppliers are nearby the factories, and the whole production process is carried out in the same location to have a minimal carbon footprint.

What are we doing in studio?

We understand the importance of reducing waste and having sustainable practices at every stage of production, including in our London-based studio.

Recycling in Studio: Our simple office recycling setup helps the Olivia Rubin team be more conscious at work. We have a designated mixed recycling bin and minimise our general waste as much as possible. Every little helps!

Packaging: Our branded Olivia Rubin pink boxes, tissue paper, and return forms are fully recyclable, so our customers can easily recycle the packaging they receive.

Plastics: Single-use plastics are everywhere in the fashion industry. We recognise the harmful impact of plastics, and are working to reduce our plastic use both in-studio and across our supply chain.

We know we’re not perfect. There are still improvements that we are working on to reduce our brand’s footprint, and we will continue to strive to do more and have a positive impact on this industry.

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch via email at